Stratification analysis at the Port of Vitória access channel and at Vitória Bay-ES

Name: Gabriela Machado Lobo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/05/2020

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Julio Tomás Aquije Chacaltana Advisor *

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José Antônio Tosta dos Reis Internal Examiner *
Julio Tomás Aquije Chacaltana Advisor *
Marcos Nicolás Gallo External Examiner *

Summary: Mathematical modeling is used in several engineering subjects. Particularly in
Environmental Engineering, considering bodies of water with a surface, this
modeling is used to understand the estuary’s hydrodynamics. The present work
aims to investigate the stratification at the Port of Vitória access channel and at
Vitória Bay-ES using computational fluid dynamics methodology. To obtain the
hydrodynamics, three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible
fluid were used. In parallel, to calculate temperature and salinity transport, an
advection-diffusion equation was used. In the dynamics of movement, long wave
and Boussinesq approximations were considered, as well as the equation of state
to calculate specific mass. The the tool used to obtain hydrodynamics, salinity
and temperature was Delft3D-FLOW model. Statistical parameters were
calculated to analyze the model's hydrodynamics response. Two scenarios,
which differ only in the consideration of barotropic and baroclinic forcing, were
analyzed and both obtained a good response. A comparison between the
statistical parameters of the different scenarios was made. Bearing in mind that
the baroclinic scenario is able to represent the specific mass variation, and that
the response of both scenarios was similar and satisfactory, the scenario that
was used for the stratification analysis was the baroclinic. Regarding
stratification, the Richardson number (Ri) was calculated in two cross sections:
one at Vitória Bay (section A); and another at Port of Vitória access channel
(section B). The results show that, in both sections, there was a predominance of
Richardson number values below 0,25 during spring tide, and during neap tide
there was a predominance of values greater than 0,25. Therefore, the Richardson
number results at the Port of Vitória access channel and at Vitória Bay-ES
indicate that during neap tide the water column is stratified, and during spring tide
the water column is partially mixed.

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