MGB large basin model parameters regionalization

Name: Luiz Eduardo Scottá Angel
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 09/08/2021

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Antonio Sérgio Ferreira Mendonça Advisor *

Examining board:

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Diogo Costa Buarque Advisor *
José Antônio Tosta dos Reis Internal Examiner *
Marco Aurélio Costa Caiado External Examiner *

Summary: Regionalization is a methodology that allows the transfering of information from
a watershed with hydrological data monitoring to an ungauged watershed, and
is usually applied to determinate hydrological variables or functions for pratical
applications in hydrological studies and projects. Despite the conventional use
of regionalization to estimate hydrological variables and functions, theres is an
increasing use of hydrological models in regionalization process, mainly from
the PUB (Predictions at Ungauged Basins) initiative, established by the
International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). This metodology
consists in determinate the empirical parameters from an hydrological model in
ungauged regions through the regionalization process, instead of the usual
application of these models WHERE these parameters would be determinated by
calibration. Regionalization of hydrological model parameters has been widely
applied worldwide, showing a huge potential for estimation of flow data series at
ungauged regions in works like Parajka et al. (2005), Gitau e Chaubey (2010),
Li et al. (2018), Yang et al. (2018) e Pagliero et al. (2019). According to the
literature, the regionalization of hydrological model parameters can be splited in
2 characteristic groups: regression regionalization method, and parameter
transfer method. This study applied the regionalization of hydrological model
parameters method using the MGB model. As the purpose of evaluating this
method results, the study did a cross validation, using 6 gauged hydrological
basins: Itapemirim, Itabapoana, Piranga, Santo Antônio, Pomba e Paraibuna.
Five regionalizations scenarios were compared, each one with a different
approach for MGB model parameters determination. According to the results,
the parameter transfer methods proved more efficientes than the linear
regression method, and the results validation pointed that the parameter
regionalization method have a huge pontential to application in ungauged

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